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Paper straw bending machine

Paper straw bending machine

Paper straw bending machine

GD-Bend300 paper straw bending(flexible) machine, it’s function is to make straight straws into flexible straws, which could be bendable.
Working Process:
The produce process is total automatic.
1) Operator just need put straight paper straws into the hopper, then start the machine, and the flexible straws will come out and drop on conveyor belt automatically.
2) There is a wheel and a mold stick which are used to press indentations on paper straw body.
3)Before pressing, there will a needle input the hole of paper straw to protect paper straws not be pressed excessively.
4) Finally, flexible paper straws will come out on the conveyor.
There are 2 kinds of press indentations. One machine, choose 1 kind from 2.

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1) Whole process automatically; 2) High production efficiency, one operator, 100-300 pcs/min; 3) Automatic counting for how many pcs of paper straws had finished; 4) Touch screen, human-machine interface, easy operate; 5) Automatic counting during production process and display on touch screen. 6) Automatic stop when there is a fault.


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